Ord från ovan

Budskap från mina Änglar 12/4-2020

We know it´s scary my angel said. Changes always are. This one even more. This one is a threat to your whole existence, to everything you know and even your life. It´s so difficult to stay calm and have trust when the world is shaking around you. But that is what we ask of you. Stay calm. Look at the light inside of you. Watch the flame dance and breathe and do the same. Breathe and let your tensions go. Breathe and heal yourself. 

Go outside when it´s dark. Stand still and listen to yourself. The sound your body makes. Your heartbeats. Look at the sky. Feel the power from the Universe. Let it heal you. Rest in the dark and let the light fill you.

There is a higher purpose with all that is happening right now. A new world is awakening. Trust us when we tell you it will be alright.

The time is right and the Earth with all it´s beings will become a better place. Love will grow. Empathy will grow. You will open your eyes and see what you have. The transitions overwhelming and scary we know. We have faith in you, please have faith in us. 

When your feelings are overwhelming you, see them, feel them and then let them go. You are only human. Everything you feel is ok. It´s your instincts and your brain talking to you. Let them. And then find your light again. And breathe, just breathe. We love you. We are here for you. Heal under the sky. We will be there for you.